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About Us

   " Within the child lies the fate of the future." 

                                                    - Maria Montessori -

The Global Montessori Nursery (GMN) is proud to be offering quality Montessori Education in parallel with the Early Years Foundation Stage (UK)  to all those from 18 months to 4 years of age. 

GMN is an experienced facility operated by a committed and  accomplished team of practitioners and further supported by specialised staff. All staff have Basic Life Support and First Aid training. 

We deliver a fully integrated curriculum including Arabic Language music, the arts and an introduction  to mindfulness and yoga, teaching the children to be mindful of themselves, the environment and the planet that we live on.

Through our work, we actively encourage independence, nurturing emotional and social skills.  We do this guided by the idea that each individual child’s learning journey is a unique and endless journey. 

We offer open-ended opportunities to expand their skills, imagination and interests. Therefore, children can make rapid progress in their learning.

We also support the idea that children benefit from prolonged periods of uninterrupted time to play/work and experience, which ensures that they remain engaged and focused on activities.


Meet the Team

Our Passionate Educators

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