Why Montessori?

Many parents choose Montessori because they believe it helps their children acquire holistic leadership skills and independence, valuing the child’s happiness above convenience.  Here are 10 reasons why you would want to choose the Global Montessori Nursery (GMN) for your child:











Multi-aged classrooms – It has been found that children within certain age groups and levels can benefit from being in different classrooms with children of mixed ages – older children benefit by being role models and younger children benefit  by seeing the success of older children.


Freedom of movement – independence in the classroom allows your child to move about freely as needed, promoting self-control and feeling respected to make their own choices.


Educational materials – children learn in a variety of different ways and it is believed that the educational materials that are rich in visual presentation are beneficial.


Freedom of choice in work – based on the lessons presented in class, the child can take ownership in their work while gaining a sense of purpose and excitement about their education and classwork.


Follow the child approach – the most widely known aspect of Montessori Education is their approach of following the child at their own pace, to feel confident,  and learn as he or she is best able to do.


Practical Life – children learn practical skills such as daily chores and conflict resolution, fostering a sense of responsibility that allows them to build confidence.


Cosmic Curriculum – teaching the child about the universe and getting the child excited about the world in which he or she lives.


Community – the children learn about different cultures and people, promoting respect for diversity and for others, in addition to promoting respect through global education.


Peace curriculum – Montessori-based education promotes peace both in school and out, helping children solve their own problems and learn conflict resolution.


Earth Conscience Curriculum -  respect for the Earth, human, and animals is a part of the Montessori Curriculum.