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5 Questions with...Mrs Barbara

1. What is your experience in Montessori education?

I became a Montessori Educator over 20 years ago. I trained with Gulf Montessori Nursery with Hala Roumani. After qualifying, I was asked to do the 'train the trainer' course in London. I spent two amazing weeks there and this sparked my interest even further. I ultimately became a Lecturer and examiner in the Montessori Method. In 2005, I inaugurated International Montessori Nursery in the Muroor area of Abu Dhabi and in 2010, we moved to Bain al Jesrain. I have taught many children over the years and have been instrumental in the early childhood community. In 2019, I opened Global Montessori Nursery and we have been thriving ever since. I still am very active in all aspects of Montessori Education. I was the first accredited nursery from MCI London in Abu Dhabi. We have also achieved outstanding from ADEK for three consecutive years.

2. What is your vision for GMN?

Our Montessori environment aims to foster the child’s self-construction in our uniquely prepared environment. Each child can develop within themselves the fundamental habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas that are essential for joyful, creative, and independent learning. The inherent potential of each child is recognised and is guided in a respectful harmonious environment that aims to provide an independent education foundation for life.

3. Why do you believe in the Montessori philosophy for children?

If I had the answer to this question, I would be a millionaire; from my experiences and many years of delivering the Montessori method, it simply works. However, a Montessori facility must implement the philosophy and not just the materials. 4. What makes GMN unique from other nurseries?

GMN applies the philosophy, and we start the children with our groud rules incorporating, respect, responsibility, and cooperation. This enables GMN to work in the Montessori structured environment harmoniously. We have a healthy relationship with parents, guardians, staff and above all the children.

5. What do you like most about living in the UAE?

As I have lived here for 40 years, I have camped, wadi bashed, ridden a camel, and dived, amongst many other opportunities. The downside over the years would have to be the driving!

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