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The Unconscious Absorbent Mind

Turtle class are in the 0 to 3 ‘plane of development’. The children take in information through the unconscious absorbent mind, transitioning into the conscious absorbent mind. That is, children are not aware that they are learning, they are simply responding to their environment and sensory information. Turtle class teachers prepare the environment with this understanding in mind and provide materials and activities to meet the child’s interests, and level of development and to practise prerequisite skills, such as gross and fine motor skills, refinement of the senses, social skills, communication, and language. This will facilitate their learning and create a strong foundation for the conscious absorbent period.

Turtle class have been drawn to developing and refining their fine and gross motor skills through intrinsically chosen activities both in the indoor and outdoor classrooms this week. Our circle times this week have been centred on reinforcing ground rules and vocabulary development in colours, numbers, and types of animals and their sounds. The children are practising 'care of self', for example, teeth and hair brushing and demonstrate this throughout the day.


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