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Yoga and Mindfulness at GMN

As part of our curriculum, we have embedded a mindfulness and yoga initiative for our staff and children. The children practise self-regulation strategies such as breathing techniques and yoga twice a week with a certified instructor for physical and emotional well-being. The children have access to yoga mats indoors and outdoors should they also wish to practise during their independent play.

Our Vice-Principal has trained in Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy coaching which she uses to coach the staff on supporting their mental well-being as well as the children's. Staff have had yoga/mindfulness continued professional development sessions and also do a mindfulness activity weekly as part of our staff meeting.

We have held a free parent workshop on handling big emotions with children and ways to support their children through co-regulation. We are planning for a parent mindfulness workshop for term 3 as well.

We send home a weekly newsletter with a section for a 'Mindful Weekend', which gives parents and carers tips on how to practise mindfulness and also how to support their children at home as well.

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