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Parent Testimonials


"We have been with you for the past 5,5 years with all our three boys. We have loved every day and every minute of it. The atmosphere and learning environment you create is ideal for all young children. No child is excluded. The children ALWAYS come first at your nursery. Everyone at GMN - from the principal and teachers to the assistants - knows and cares about our children’s growth and well-being.

There is so much love and attention for the kids. The curriculum is well built up and the daily structure, the patience and the peaceful environment you have created is priceless. You have exceeded all my expectations that I had for my children’s nursery. Besides the academic advantage, my kids were all ahead of their peers at the start of FS2, they learned to care and listen to others. They find it normal to wait for their turn, take responsibility and show respect. My middle son was shy but when he left GMN he was a different kid. We saw changes in his independence and confidence like you wouldn’t believe.

So, thank you to all the amazing teachers and assistants for making my kids the best version of themselves.

And thank you Barbara who is always there to make sure the true Montessori spirit is followed, listening to the wishes of parents and fighting the good cause. I wish there were more principals like you. Please never retire 😉

Juliette Semmelink

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