Passionate Educators



Principal (Founder & Owner)

Barbara has over 20 years of delivering early years education to children within the UAE. She has been instrumental in educating many children and has built strong links with families and communities. She has been an inspiration in promoting the Montessori method within a diverse  set of communities in the UAE.


Barbara has trained Montessori teachers both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, working in conjunction with MCI London.


Barbara is a keen advocate for continuous professional development. Apart from holding her nursing degree and Montessori qualification she has also obtained a Master’s degree (Alumni) in Education from Murdoch University, Dubai.


She established International Montessori Nursery in 2005 and has since ran this operation successfully for 15 years.


Over the summer of 2019 Barbara opened GMN as she strived to continue to offer quality education to the parents of Abu Dhabi.


Barbara is from the United Kingdom and has lived in the UAE for over 25 years.  She has one son who lives in England with his wife and their two children.


She is passionate about early childhood education and she was the first principal from a Montessori nursery to achieve  International Accreditation from the Montessori Center International, London.  While she worked at her previous establishment, Barbara and her team were awarded as outstanding by ADEK.